NAME OF THE TOWN: the France republic.

POPULATION: France has a population about 65´447.374, France is a crowded country.

LOCATION: the capital is Paris in the north it borders with the channel of the mancha, northeast Belgium Luxembourg and Germany, east Germany, Switzerland and Italy, southeast with the Mediterranean Sea, south Spain and Andorra, the southwest with the gulfof Biscay and the west by the Atlantic ocean.

LANDSCAPE: the mountain is the European alpes; the principal river is the Sena, these countries have gulfs and beaches.

WEATHER: the climate is cold between 0.8°c to 22.4°c.

PUBLIC TANSPORT: the public transport consist in: taxi, bus, and trains

HISTORY: France is the coldest country Europe, age of buildings is s. viii – xi a.c.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: the most famous city is Paris “the city of the light”, museum of Louvre, museum Orsay, the Tower Eiffel, Triumphal Arch and the Cathedral of Notredame.

THINGS TO DO: visit the museums and buildings, Cites Science and Industry, Disneyland Resort Paris, Mouling Rouge, Market Montparnasse, Cab Club and theTtriangle de Or.

COST: to live in France is expensive if we compare it with our country.

LITERATURE: the main writers are Corneille, Descartes, Pascal, Molière, Boileau, la Fontaine, Bousset, Albert Camus.

MUSIC: rock with Michel Berger, Manu chau with rock, reggae, ska, Admiral T with reggae, dancehall, Alizee pop, Yann Tiersen and Benjamin Biolay.

SPORTS: The main sports that are practiced are cycling, tennis camp, martial arts, football, rugby, basquetball and handball.

FESTIVALS: new year, carnival of nica, holy week, day of the work, day of the victory of the second world war, festival medieval, day of the bastille.

ART: the artists are Poussin, Lorrain, Watteau, Boucher, Fragonardi, Bericault, Delacroix, Millet, Courbet, Manet, Gauging, Cézanne, and Matisse.

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  1. this blog is interesting because the country france is a beautiful place and very important cradle of writters and scientists in the world.

  2. i think the blog is so very well prepared, but i think that the problem of the partners and the all the people is the afraid to talk in english, we all should aside the afraid and take the risk to try think and to talk in english

    lina arroyave.

  3. the presentation was good, the blogs have good information and very beautiful images.
    in the exposure they could practice more the pronuntiation of the words

    Pilar G

  4. the presentation is very interesting, and i have possibility
    of looking and discovery others cultures, the exposision in general is good

  5. France is a country beatiful with many interesting places for to visit.
    I would like to visit the tower Eiffel and the musewm of Louvre.
    I like the songs of Joe Dassin.

  6. The city France is very beatiful, the pictures are a examples of the majestic places in this city. I love France!!. I always dreamed with know this city.