Alexandre Gustave Eiffel:

He was born in Dijón France on December 15, 1832, and died on December 27, 1923 in Paris France and his nationality is French, he died  listening the Beethoven’s  5th symphony  in his mansion of the Rue Rabelais in Paris, he was buried  in the cemetery of Levallois-Perret, his surname Bönickhausen is Germanic  and after  the change to Eiffel, his profession  was engineer ,  his graduation was in École central of Paris in  1985  and his speciality is metallicas structures,  an architect.  He is recognized in the world for his most  famous building the Eiffel  tower  among other buildings for example the armature for the statue of liberty, this statue was converted in a symbol of the United States , I choose the Eiffel tower because when we speak about France the first landmark that  we imagine is the Eiffel tower. In his youth, his two strongest influences were two successful chemists and two uncles, his influences were much time with him.  In his youth you teaching him all on  chemistry, mining, religion and philosophy, where he was intelligent but he was not studious, his profession began working for a company of railway that design bridges.  in this company he knew Charles Nepveu who he had the biggest influence in the beginning of Gustave Eiffel.

This man built the tower between 1887 and 1889 for the universal exposition of 1889 in Paris this structure to arrive at used to long of the history, in the second war world its use was as antenna for communication with the allies.

the activity:

1.        When was Gustave born?
A. on October 31, 1830.
B. on December 20, 1838.
C. on December 15, 1832
D. on July 1, 2011.

2.        When Gustave was young, what were the strongest influences?

a.  his father  and mother.
b.  his pet.
c. Two successful chemists and two uncles.
d. Two architects and two uncles.

3.       What is the reason because Gustave buildings the tower?
a. because of the festival of nica.
b. for the tourism.
c. for an universal exposition.
d. for power and recognition.

4.       In the second war, how was the tower used?
a. as tourist attractions.
b. as symbol of the victory.
c. as antenna for communication.
d. as shelter for the allies.

         5. who made the eiffel tower?

         6. how high is the tower?

         7. where is the tower located?

         8. when was the tower built?

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